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Dear Fellow Citizens of Punta Gorda,
As your Representative at the Florida State House, I have had the privilege of working with many outstanding individuals from our community. Today, I write to express my wholehearted endorsement for a candidate who has consistently stood out among them - Mark Kuharski.
Throughout his tenure Mark has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving the city and its citizens. His dedication to the betterment of Punta Gorda is evident in his efforts to improve water access, protect our waterways, and implement smart strategies for responsible growth that will benefit both current and future residents. Mark's integrity is beyond reproach, and his charisma has a magnetic effect that inspires those around him.
I firmly believe that there is no one better suited to work on behalf of the citizens of Punta Gorda than Mark Kuharski. His vision for the city's future and his genuine concern for its well-being make him an ideal candidate for City Council.
Therefore, it is with much enthusiasm that I endorse the re-election of Mark Kuharski for City Council
— Representative Michael J. Grant District 75. Majority Leader

As a former Punta Gorda City Council member and a past president of the Punta Gorda Isles Civic Association, I believe I have fair appreciation for what makes our city great and what we need for the future.  Having paid attention to council member Mark Kuharski for the past two years, I am convinced that he has the vision, focus and leadership skills necessary to move our city in a positive direction.  I urge the citizens of Punta Gorda to re elect Mark to the city council and support his efforts to add new and sustainable life to the city we love. — John Miller, Former Punta Gorda City Council Member

— International Association of Fire Fighters

So, how’s Smart Growth been working for Punta Gorda? The empty fields in the middle of town is the perfect poster child for how Smart Growth has been applied. I’m embarrassed to show downtown to my guests. In the name of protecting our “Unique Small-Town Charm,” we’ve done nothing for nearly twenty years. We’ve elected generations of city council members who cower in the corner and wring their hands for fear of offending a vocal minority group of people who fight any type of development. The “small-town charm” we’re protecting isn’t so unique, you can find it in many small, tired, uninteresting Florida towns. Potential is another story. We have tons of it! The introduction of Sunseeker to the area presents opportunities to spur developer interests. We should strive to make Fishermens Village and downtown the daytime destination for Sunseeker guests. It’s time for our city leadership to roll up their sleeves and get serious about creating something in our marketplace instead of stoning every developer who comes courting. TEAM Punta Gorda did this successfully after Hurricane Charley with the development of the Sun Loft building. We need to keep Mark Kuharski on the city council to finally get something done! Bob Weisenbeck Punta Gorda — ROBERT Weisenbeck

Mark is a businessman and has had major responsibilities with large companies and brings a wealth of business knowledge to the board. — William Folchi

My vote goes for Mark for another term on the Punta Gorda council. — William Stamp

I have known Mark for many years since they moved to Punta Gorda, and have watched him in action. I appreciate his intelligence and logic and believe he has the best interests of Punta Gorda at heart. — DUANE ISING

Councilman Kuharski has taken the time to fully educate himself about the issues facing the City of Punta Gorda. He carefully listens to all points of view, gathers data on the issues, then makes his decisions based on achieving the proper balance among residents' concerns, the City's fiscal realities and achieving long-term, rather than short-term goals. I have known many elected officials during my career. Councilman Kuharski is among the best. — Geri Waksler
Attorney at Law

— Gary Butler

I wanted to take a moment to give a big shoutout to Councilman Mark Kuharski for his unwavering support of our schools and his dedication to creating a bright future for the next generation.
Today Councilman Kuharski joined me in celebrating Sallie Jones Elementary School being recognized, as one of only 14 Legacy Schools in the country. Legacy School recognition is the highest honor for Leader in Me Schools. 
As elected officials, it is our duty to make decisions that will have a positive impact on the lives of the next generation.
I appreciate Councilman Kuharski’s dedication and support to the future of the City Of Punta Gorda. Together, we can continue to build a community that invests in the future.
— Kim Amontree
Charlotte County School Board Member, District 2

It’s an easy choice for me as I have known Mark Kuharski for years. He’s a man of integrity, a leader and he has a sense of what’s best for the people of Punta Gorda. — Rick Brown

Mark has a great insight into the issues facing the City of Punta Gorda and makes decisions based on the facts! — Jim Sanders
Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Cast your vote this Nov. 7th for a candidate committed to the future of Punta Gorda — Mark Kuharski. Mark has clearly demonstrated that he’s not only willing to understand each issue in depth but also eager to prod, question, and stress-test every potential solution until the best one is found. His inquisitive and diligent approach to public service benefits our city with every decision.

Mark understands the need for progress. We have an abundance of empty lots in our beautiful city, this needs to change. Our past rejections of proposed projects can’t sketch the blueprint for our future. We need to start saying ‘yes’ and open our doors for smart growth, for my generation and those that will follow.

Punta Gorda, it’s time we look ahead. Florida’s population is booming whether we want it to or not. We will be left behind if we continue on the path of denying every growth opportunity. Stemming from his practical and community-centered approach, Mark Kuharski is the local leader we need — someone who will secure and nurture Punta Gorda’s future with common sense and steadfast dedication.

Vote for a wise investment in our city’s bright future; vote for Mark Kuharski for City Council on Nov. 7th! 

— Isaac James, Punta Gorda Isles

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