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The Punta Gorda City Council Unanimously Recommended Changes to LDRs

City Councilmembers took a significant step forward in determining the future rules for development within the City of Punta Gorda as they reached a consensus to provide staff with direction to draft the final Land Development Regulations. The City Council is in unanimous agreement that the old policy of no height limits on buildings was unacceptable. The city is well on the way to approving standards that not only protect the character and charm of our city - they also will make Tallahassee’s Live Local affordable housing projects much less likely to invade our community.

The outcomes of the discussion include:

• Building Heights: 80 feet above Base Flood Elevation plus freeboard

• Dwelling Units: 60 density units

• Public Open Space:

  • Caveat for hotel exemption from public open space.
  • Change in verbiage from public open space to public space depending on size

• Parking

  • Downtown Core (lots under 20,000 sq. ft.)
  • Parking requirements for office and retail one space per 1,000 square feet

Additional discussions will occur regarding the rooftop accouterment definition and allowances, the Waterfront Overlay District, and potential marina contributions. The final regulations will include green space requirements, architectural standards, and landscape plans. The City Council remains committed to preserving and enhancing Punta Gorda’s identity as a vibrant waterfront community,  unique in character and history, and as a desirable place to live, work and visit

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