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Michael J. Grant, Majority Leader, Florida House of Representatives, Endorses the Re-election of Mark Kuharski for Punta Gorda City Council

Dear Fellow Citizens of Punta Gorda,
As your Representative at the Florida State House, I have had the privilege of working with many outstanding individuals from our community. Today, I write to express my wholehearted endorsement for a candidate who has consistently stood out among them - Mark Kuharski.
Throughout his tenure Mark has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to serving the city and its citizens. His dedication to the betterment of Punta Gorda is evident in his efforts to improve water access, protect our waterways, and implement smart strategies for responsible growth that will benefit both current and future residents. Mark's integrity is beyond reproach, and his charisma has a magnetic effect that inspires those around him.
I firmly believe that there is no one better suited to work on behalf of the citizens of Punta Gorda than Mark Kuharski. His vision for the city's future and his genuine concern for its well-being make him an ideal candidate for City Council.
Therefore, it is with much enthusiasm that I endorse the re-election of Mark Kuharski for City Council
Representative Michael J. Grant District 75. Majority Leader

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